Our Process

At Arkansas College Planning Group, we are very aware of the busy schedules our parents and students carry every day.  As such, we have attempted to make the process to get engaged and on boarded to the leading industry college planning and preparation software suite program as seamless as possible.

We will be conducting or participating in local College Planning Seminars at various central Arkansas locations in the Fall and Spring semesters.  These seminars will include a 50 minute presentation that covers the various topics of why college is a business, what the student/parent team need to do in the preceding 3-4 years before high school graduation to prepare and position their student for the best possible chance for acceptance with the lowest possible tuition out of pocket costs.

At the end of each presentation, we will have an informal question/answer session to try to cover all outstanding questions the student/parent team may have.

We will also have our registration table set up to start the manual process to enroll the student into the eCollegePro software solution suite.

Note: If you know of a college night type venue that we are not scheduled to attend yet - please send us an email so we can try to get on the program there.