What is College Funding Solutions, Inc?

Since 1993, College Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) has been recognized as  a national leader in assisting students and their parents prepare for  college.  Headquartered in Salem, Oregon, CFS is headed by noted author and funding expert Coy R. Howe. 

CFS understands that colleges and universities run like a business. As such, student candidates need to position themselves as an ideal candidate to improve their chances of acceptance and reduce their overall out of pocket tuition cost through negotiation strategies.

With the current college drop out rate is just over 50% for first time applicants, it is imperative to get students the help they need to achieve their future life goals. (See article excerpt from Bill Gates below.)

CFS has developed a solution for students and parents in the form of a software program that is designed to start the student on the path to planning and preparation in their high school 9th or 10th grades.

CFS Partners with local college planning advisors to advertise, promote, and distribute their package.  The local advisors are required to pass certification exams before they can distribute the package.

The Solution - Software Family Suite Program

CFS has developed the eCollegePro software suite to guide students and parents in developing their own, personalized, planning and preparation strategy. The eCollegePro Software provides planning, timelines, reporting, and notification functions.


This software suite is packaged with licenses for Naviance College Planning and Career Assessment Tools and their Naviance | TestPrep ACT and SAT preparatory course software. 

Where NAVIANCE partners with schools systems across the globe, CFS partnered with NAVIANCE to provide software licenses to individual families with college bound students to bridge the gap for students in schools systems who are not partnered with NAVIANCE. 

As of 2017, CFS has helped over 20,000 students nationwide with an 85% degree completion rate!


Stats from Bill Gates

In a news article with CNBC (10/10/2017) and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates:


"More Americans are going to college than ever before, but students face unprecedented challenges. Over 44 million Americans collectively hold more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt and only 54.8 percent  of students graduate in six years. This means that millions of  Americans are taking on thousands of dollars in debt without a diploma  to show for it.

Even though he dropped out of college himself, Bill Gates says that college dropout rates need to be addressed. He told students,  "The U.S. has the highest college dropout rate. We're number one in  terms of the number of people who start college but we're like number 20  in terms of the number of people who finish college."